Why Does My Vape Crackle? Understanding The Sounds Of Vapes

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Table of Contents

  1. Choose a vape oil with the right PG/VG balance: Choosing a vape oil with a lower PG (Propylene Glycol) content can help to reduce the popping sound that is often encountered when vaping vapes.
  2. Lower the power setting: By lowering the power provided to the coil, you can reduce the prominence of the popping sound. This is especially workable for vapes that allow for power adjustments.
  3. Changing coil resistance: In the field of customized vapes, replacing low-resistance coils with high-resistance coils will reduce popping and noise.
  4. Reducing airflow: Utilizing the airflow control feature on a vape to limit air entry can play a significant role in reducing popping sounds.
  5. Adjusting vaping intensity: A brief surge in vaping intensity can lead to louder pops. These sounds can be mitigated by reducing the intensity of vaping the vape.
  6. Shorten the duration of the draw: Keeping the draw short can reduce popping and noise during vape use.
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