Research & Development

All vapes are unique in the world, we can enhance your band with our talented and experienced R&D team.

BAE 100+ R&D team provides the best OEM & ODM services to our partners

30+ ID & Structural Engineers

All vapes are unique thanks to our 10+ years of talented ID and structural engineers.

20+ Electronics Engineers

Undertake the most important raw materials PCB boards, batteries, chips, atomizer

50+ flavorists

Responsible for commissioning e-cigarette e-liquid compatibility with vape devices

20+ Bluetooth/Wireless Communication Engineers

Focus on the wireless connection function of vapes, such as Bluetooth connection to mobile phone APP, etc.

30+ Process Engineer

Responsible for the first trial order of all products and developing SOP's for the production line.Always working to improve assembly efficiency and quality.

Product Concept

  • We have been bringing in experienced R&D engineers for a long time to keep up with technological innovations and market trends. At the same time, we continue to invest in our engineering team, dedicated to supporting custom, OEM & ODM projects.
  • The key to product success is to listen carefully to customer and market needs. By identifying and overcoming technical challenges, we develop effective solutions that accurately meet the needs of our partners.
  • Advanced R&D management process ensures that we can launch innovative vape products every month. Our comprehensive and professional R&D team is committed to ensuring that our solutions remain industry-leading in terms of performance, functionality, and quality reliability.

Product Innovation Design

BAE has always believed that maintaining innovation is the key to business success. Each year, we invest more than 10% of our total revenue in research and development. Our R&D team has more than 100 employees, and we continue to bring in more engineers to join our team.

Innovative ID design

For customers with ID patent requirements, our design team helps you complete the design and sign the patent agreement

Simple UI Design

Simple UI interface can check the battery level, fuel level, resistance value, etc., convenient for users to view data

Customizing flavors

We have 50+ flavor mixers who can quickly make samples of e-liquid according to customers' requirements

User-friendly design

Fashionable, humanised and intelligent design concepts to win a better user experience.

New Project Process Managment

Our new project ideas typically come from four directions: new product designs from marketing feedback, unique customer ID designs, improvements to existing products, and new product development for specific industries.

Consult Your BAE Vape Personal Manager

We will research your vape customization request within 12 hours and deliver the most suitable product within your budget

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