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Vape FAQs

Vapes come in a variety of categories and have taken some market share away from traditional cigarettes. But for the novice business owner, you may have a lot of questions before you start adding vapes to your product line.

Hope below vape FAQs and answers below will be helpful for you.

Quality and safety are our top priorities. We have a quality control team dedicated to everything from raw material selection to final product assembly, and we conduct extensive testing at every stage of production. Our products meet all applicable safety standards, including battery safety testing, vape liquid composition analysis and durability checks.

Absolutely. We offer customisation options in terms of design, flavor, nicotine concentration and packaging to match your brand image and target market preferences.

Our 100,000 square metre factory with 100+ production lines and 5,000+ skilled workers ensures that we can efficiently handle large-scale orders and ensure timely delivery.

Our Marketing team keeps abreast of global regulatory changes to ensure that our products comply with local laws in different markets. This includes compliance with TPD regulations in Europe, FDA regulations in the US, and other regional compliance requirements.

Yes, we provide comprehensive product information including detailed specifications, instructions and marketing materials to support your team in effectively promoting our products.

We have a streamlined supply chain management system to ensure efficient production and delivery. Our logistics network is optimised for quick and reliable delivery to meet your timelines.

We respect intellectual property rights and can offer exclusive agreements for custom-designed products. We ensure that all collaborations are protected by appropriate legal agreements to safeguard your interests.

Yes, we assist our partners in obtaining various certifications such as CE, RoHS and TPD compliance to ensure that the products meet all legal requirements of the target market.

Absolutely. We can share success stories and testimonials from our current partners that demonstrate the effectiveness of our collaboration and the positive impact it has had on their business.

We have a comprehensive policy for handling returns and defects, including product warranties. We ensure that any issues are resolved quickly to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

We provide comprehensive support to new brands, including product development guidance, regulatory advice and marketing insights to help them successfully enter the market.

We welcome and encourage our partners to visit our facility for audits to personally evaluate our manufacturing processes and quality control measures.

We offer a wide range of post-sales support including customer service, technical support and product training to ensure that you and your customers take full advantage of our products.

We customise packaging and labelling to meet the specific requirements of different markets, including compliance with health warnings, ingredient lists and other regulatory requirements.

We have a team of professional flavourists who are responsible for flavour formulation and equipment compatibility. We also provide samples for you to test prior to bulk order production.

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