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About BAE

BAE started in 2016 and is a leading provider and manufacturer of atomization equipment solutions in China
BAE’S R&D and manufacturing center is located in Shenzhen, China
Strong partnerships with customers in multiple countries

8 years

Focus on electronic atomization technology


Industrial bases


R & D investment


Compound annual growth rate


Global patent layout

BAE Research Institute

BAE vape institute was established in 2016, focusing on the latest technology research and development to provide customers and enterprises with fogging technology solutions and continuously create value for customers. It has an elite team of more than 100 people in independent research and development. The company attaches great importance to technology R&D and innovation, with annual R&D investment accounting for more than 10% of total revenue. The strong technical force and comprehensive layout provide a strong guarantee for the company to maintain industry leadership in the field of technology and product development.

R & D

Develop advanced

R & D


Company Mission

From the very beginning of our company, we recognized the need for a groundbreaking product that would change lives. With a dedicated team of researchers, engineers, and visionaries, we continue to push the boundaries to create sleek, reliable devices that deliver a superior vaping experience. Our mission is not just to provide high-quality vapes; our goal is to empower individuals to promote a smoke-free future and improve lives. We are committed to making a positive impact, and we believe everyone deserves a safer choice to create lasting change for our customers and communities.

High quality vape mass production manufacturing

The key to realizing high-quality products on a large scale is the use of advanced production techniques and equipment, experienced production staff, and an efficient quality control team


Square Feet of Warehouse and Factory


Production Line




Private Tooling Items

100 million pcs

Number per month


Exported Countries

BAE Partial Qualification


CE Certificate


RoHs Cerification

EMC Test Report

LVD Test Report

Battery MSDS Report

Europe Local Registeration

Our Factory

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