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With advanced and modern manufacturing management, we do our best to reduce costs, accelerate our partners’ entry into the vape market and help you win against the competition

BAE Factory

We manage our business with state-of-the-art manufacturing methods in a factory that covers over 100,000 square meters. Vape products manufactured in our factory include HNB, Disposable, RRD, Pod System, Box Mod, and CBD.

As a reliable Vape supplier since 2016, we are always innovating and providing the latest products every month.

Factory Data

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BAE Production Line

The BAE vape production line utilizes advanced production technology and strict quality control. Skilled technicians and high-tech equipment, including precision e-liquid filling, battery safety testing, and QC inspection, ensure top-quality products.

In our OEM and ODM vape projects, dedicated PEs manage pilot and volume production and continuously optimize SOP processes to meet customer-specific requirements and industry standards.

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