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With more than 8 years of dedicated experience in the vape OEM & ODM services, BAE has successfully established its excellent reputation for high-quality vape in the global marketplace and has earned a high reputation among our customers for the quality, cost, and service excellence of our vape products. Our continued growth in this particular market since 2016 has demonstrated our expertise and strength in innovative product design, R&D for ODM projects, supply chain management for daily production processes, and quality control.

Read the ultimate guide to vape OEM & ODM

1. Vape OEM & ODM Defenition and Process

1.1 Vape ODM

Competent vape manufacturers can customize new products, from product design and molds to features, flavors, and packaging, all tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Typically, the customer provides the ODM manufacturer with ideas about the product’s appearance, functionality, and flavor, and the manufacturer designs the in-house PCBA based on the customer’s ideas, creates the molds, prototypes, tests, optimizes, mass produces, and sells the product under the customer’s brand name on the global market.

As a result, the product is manufactured primarily to the specifications required by the customer. The customer owns the ID and ownership of the product, the manufacturer just helps the customer to realize the product idea. Customers can register appearance patents, function patents, etc.

Depending on the functionality you require and the raw materials you choose, you can effectively control the cost of your ODM vapes. However, this usually requires a large order quantity, so your premarket research becomes especially important. In the long run, the ODM business model offers a highly profitable business model for vape brands.

Process of ODM Vape Customization:

Step 1: Determine the features and functionality of the vape

Step 2: If all the requirements are met, the customer will provide the drawing or design of the vape

Step 3: Confirm the main raw materials such as PCBA. According to the above two steps. This will determine the cost and quality of the vape.

Step 4: Confirm the cost of the ODM vape, including mold cost engineering cost, and the unit price of the product. To start a new project, there is usually a MOQ requirement for the first order, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the first order should be between 10,000 and 30,000 pieces.

Step 5: The ODM vape project agreement is signed, including timeline, samples, bulk order timing, patent issues, etc.

Step 6: The customer pays for the ODM vape, and the vape manufacturer begins custom work according to the agreement.

Step 7: Test samples and approve samples after vape molds are made

Step 8: Mass production of the vape order begins

1.2. Vape OEM

OEM is also known as private label vapes. As an importer or brand owner, OEM customization, before you start selling vapes, will make the vapes more suitable for brand sales.

Customization makes vapes more unique and competitive, such as custom exterior colors, product logos, displays, breathing lights, product packaging, and more.

Think about your vape

When smoking vapes, the breathing light begins to light up; 
Enjoying the pleasure of the flavor and smoke.
The special icons on the appearance of the vape that
Customised vape themed boxes
OEM allows you can save time and investment and grab the vape market in the first place because you don’t need to research and design vapes. Instead, you can produce your brand under license from the manufacturer’s existing vape products.

However, you may also be aware of the disadvantages of OEM vape customization

One of the top reasons is that your vapes are not much different from competitors who use this business model, as the manufacturer may also sell vapes to other competitors. We support vape wholesalers for OEM customization.

OEM vape customization process:
Step 1: Select some samples of vapes from the manufacturer’s existing products for testing

Step 2: Confirm one or more SKUs for your OEM vapes

Step 3: Start the OEM vape project, such as the appearance of the color, brand logo, screen interface, breathing light, product packaging, and so on.

Step 4: Different OEM vape customizations will have different MOQ.

1.3 ODM - OEM Mixed Customisation

The vape industry has grown rapidly over the past few years and with it the increasing demand for personalized and high-quality products.OEM and ODM mixed customization is becoming a trend in the vape industry, especially for brands that focus on uniqueness and high performance.

In this model, customers usually do not change the base hardware of the vape, but rather add specific features such as temperature control, liquid volume monitoring, and even smart connectivity features that can be synchronized with a smartphone app, depending on their needs or the needs of a particular market.

This type of customization requires redesigning the PCBA of the vape based on the existing product model and customizing the software and firmware accordingly. This comprehensive and ideal customization solution provides a highly personalized product while saving time and investment.

The advantage of customized vapes is that the cost is relatively low as there is no need to redesign the casing for the vape. Customers can also choose the color and material of the custom casing and even a unique mouthpiece design to match their brand image.

The challenge with this type of customization, however, is that when adding new features to existing hardware, frequent testing and communication are required to ensure that the new features meet specific needs. This requires closer coordination and cooperation with the manufacturer to ensure the final quality of the product.

More and more OEM-ODM manufacturers are now offering this mixed customization option, which offers more customization possibilities, especially for wholesalers with large volume orders.

If you are interested in a customized vape project, do not hesitate to contact your supplier. Choosing a reliable supplier is key, they usually already have extensive experience with customization and can provide expert guidance and support.

Process Of OEM-ODM Vape Customization:

Step 1: Select some vape samples from the manufacturer’s existing products for testing to understand their performance and quality.

Step 2: After reviewing various designs, identify a look for ODM customization.

Step 3: Clarify with the manufacturer the features you wish to add or the main raw materials you wish to change, such as battery capacity, heating system, or mouthpiece design.

Step 4: The manufacturer needs to assess whether the existing hardware is capable of integrating the features or raw materials required by the customer.

Step 5: If technically feasible, the manufacturer will start to calculate the cost of the ODM customization as well as the cost of the final product.

Step 6: After the customer reviews and approves the cost estimate, the customization process is officially initiated.

Step 7: The manufacturer produces test samples and then fixes any errors found during the testing process.

Step 8: Once the samples meet the customer’s satisfaction criteria, the mass production order begins.

OEM & ODM Summary:

OEM & ODM vape customization is ideal for quickly boosting your brand in your local market, as the vape market continues to grow and demand becomes increasingly diverse. Over the past few years, we have helped brands in the vape industry, tobacco companies, pharmaceutical companies, consumer electronics, cannabis industry, promotional products industry, online shop sellers, and fashion and lifestyle brands enhance their brands with our latest patented vapes. You can also become a BAE wholesaler or distributor in your local market and take advantage of our advanced technology and innovative designs.

2. Why BAE is Trusted OEM & ODM Vape Manufacturer & Supplier?

With more than 8 years of expertise in the vape field, BAE has provided successful vape OEM and ODM services to a variety of industries such as vape industry brands, tobacco companies, pharmaceutical companies, consumer electronics, cannabis, promotional products, health and wellness brands, fashion and lifestyle brands, and more. Some of the brands we have worked with include “VUSE”, “JUUL” and “IQOS”.

Over 80% of our business model is in OEM and ODM services for the consumer and professional tobacco alternatives markets.

BAE is more than just a manufacturer, we are a pioneer in technological innovation. Our R&D team is constantly exploring and implementing the latest vape technologies, such as improved atomization, intelligent power management systems, and compatibility with smart devices, to ensure that our customers remain at the forefront of the market.

2.1 Strong Vape Supply Chain

BAE has a wide range of vapes and we have factories in Shenzhen and Dongguan respectively. We have also established strong partnerships with key raw material suppliers to support high-quality and fast delivery times.

2.2 Huge Manufacturing Scale

With more than 8 years of experience in the vape industry, we use advanced manufacturing processes based on ERP systems so that every step of production is under strict monitoring.BAE has 100+ independent production lines with a daily production capacity of up to 300K, which is a guarantee that we can deliver more than 100 million vapes per year.

By choosing us, you never need to worry about our delivery time and manufacturing capacity.

2.3 OEM & ODM Capability

Regarding OEM and ODM customization services for vapes, we offer comprehensive and flexible solutions to ensure that our products are perfectly adapted to your specific needs:

  • Appearance customization: we offer a wide range of vape casing colors, materials, shapes, and sizes to choose from, as well as customized packaging designs to ensure that your brand image is accurately conveyed.
  • UI and software customization: Our vapes support UI customization, including start-up interface, menu interface, icons, etc., as well as multi-language support, ensuring that your product can adapt to the needs of different markets. In addition, we provide professional software development kits (SDK) to facilitate your team to develop and integrate custom applications.
  • Hardware customization: We provide customization services for vape PCBA boards, including but not limited to battery capacity, heating method (e.g. atomizer technology), temperature control, etc. You can customize the hardware configuration according to the needs of your target market.
  • Functionality customization: we can add special features according to your needs, such as Bluetooth connection, intelligent temperature control, inhalation count recording, etc. to enhance user experience.
  • Firmware and software upgrades: We provide continuous upgrades of firmware and software to ensure that vape products are always up-to-date and provide the best user experience.
  • Full-process ODM services: From product design, internal structure development, and tooling manufacturing to sample making and mass production testing, we provide one-stop ODM services to ensure that every step from concept to finished product meets your high standards.

With our OEM and ODM services, you can be sure that your vape products are unique in the marketplace while meeting stringent quality and performance standards.

2.4 R&D Engineering Team

Having a dedicated team of vape R&D engineers, including hardware engineers, software engineers, etc., is vital to us as it ensures that we can provide a highly customized service to our customers. Our in-house team can communicate quickly and provide a quick response when our customers need personalization, something that many companies struggle to achieve due to a lack of an in-house team of engineers.

Our team consists of 100+ engineers, all with over 15 years of experience in the vape industry. Their specialties include:

  • Hardware engineers: responsible for the design and development of the internal PCBA boards of vapes to ensure that the electrical performance of vapes is stable and efficient.
  • Structural Engineers: Focus on the design and overall structure of the vape to ensure that the product is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.
  • Firmware Engineer: Responsible for the development of the firmware of the vape, including the implementation of temperature control, power display, and other functions.
  • Bluetooth/Wireless Communication Engineer: Focus on the wireless connection function of the vape, such as Bluetooth connection to mobile phone apps.
  • API/Software Engineer: Responsible for the development and maintenance of Application Programming Interface (API) related to vapes to ensure the perfect combination of software and hardware.
  • Algorithm Engineer: Focus on the development of algorithms such as smoke volume control, inhalation detection, etc. to ensure the intelligence and user experience of vapes.

This is exactly why we can support any OEM and ODM vape projects. With growing consumer demand in the vape market, focusing on delivering high-quality, high-performance vape products will be key to your success.

For specific market needs, we can provide customized solutions that include unique designs and specific functional requirements. We are ready to support your brand and provide you with professional white-labeled vape solutions to help you grow your business.

2.5 Wide Product Line

Since our inception in 2016, BAE has been committed to developing and promoting innovative vape products, and we have over 200 patented designs of vapes and HNB for you to choose from.

Our product range covers a wide selection of HNB, disposable vapes, CBD vapes, multi-functional vapes, personalized vapes, to high-end customized versions of vapes. Whether you are an experienced smoker seeking the ultimate experience, or a novice who focuses on a healthy lifestyle, you will find the right option for you in our product line.

The vape industry is rapidly evolving and we offer a variety of options for vape brands, tobacco companies, online shops, promotional products, fashion and lifestyle brands, and more. Choose BAE’s unique designs and advanced technology to differentiate your brand from the competition.

2.6 Quality Control

With more than 8 years of experience in vape manufacturing, BAE is one of the companies that focus on personalized vapes and vapor devices. We have the expertise to implement a rigorous quality control process, from raw material testing to performance testing of the final product. This includes regular standards compliance testing, functionality testing, and durability, and safety testing of atomizers and batteries.

We have an independent quality control team that is responsible for monitoring the vape manufacturing process from start to finish. The team covers the selection and certification of raw materials, management of the assembly line, on-site quality inspections, and full quality assessment before and after shipment.

2.7 Worldwide Shipment

BAE has vape customers all over the world. We are familiar with global transport regulations and ensure that your vapes arrive at your warehouse in perfect condition.

Shipping costs are competitive and transit times are fast. Whether it’s a large volume or a small order, we are committed to meeting your needs and guaranteeing efficient delivery worldwide.

3. OEM & ODM Vape MOQ

While many vape suppliers can offer OEM and ODM services, their capabilities and strengths vary depending on their experience and the markets they target. Our minimum order quantities (MOQ) are flexible to accommodate different customer needs.

MOQ: 10000PCS

MOQ: 30000PCS

MOQ: 50000PCS

4. OEM & ODM Vape Patent & Licensed

When customizing your vape product, it is also important to ensure that your design does not infringe any existing patents. Even if your supplier is recognized as a reliable partner in the industry, it is your responsibility to check this yourself. You need to make sure that every component in your product has been licensed accordingly or is free to use.

Review your bill of materials carefully to ensure that you are fully aware of all the elements used in your vape. For all components that may be covered by patents, you must confirm that these have been paid for or licensed.

While some technologies are free to use, such as certain open-source vape control software, it is always best to check beforehand. Any legal issues could pose a significant risk to you, especially if the product has already been manufactured and stored in a warehouse.

Patent licensing fees for vape products can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. While this fee can be quite high, it is not as expensive as a fine

5. Get your OEM & ODM Vape Certified

Different countries have their regulations and requirements for importing vape products. For example, in the United States, vape products need to comply with FCC (Federal Communications Commission) standards and may require UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification. In the EU, vape products need to comply with CE, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive), and other regulations.

For countries that allow online platforms to sell vape products, a range of relevant documents and certificates are still required. Fortunately, most suppliers will provide you with these required documents.

Before importing, you should check and confirm with the relevant authorities in your country or region to ensure that your supplier has and can provide these required certificates and documents.

In our company, we provide most of the national certificates such as CE, RoHS, and FCC+UL to ensure that our products meet the regulatory requirements of each country. At the same time, some of our customers choose to bring their products for local certification. We are also happy to provide the necessary support and assistance to complete these certificates.

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