Top Electronic Cigarette Trade Shows In The Second Half Of 2023

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The e-cigarette industry is always changing and getting better because of new technologies. In the last part of 2023, many professionals in the industry have made exciting improvements and connections. Trade shows, where companies show and talk about their new products, have become very important. These events help in introducing amazing new products and having important conversations about the future of e-cigarettes. Here’s a simple guide to some cool e-cigarette trade shows that have happened in the second half of the year, full of new ideas and discoveries.

Major e-cigarette shows in the second half of 2023

Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in Europe

Spain International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

Country: Spain

Time: June 3~4, 2023

Location: Barcelona

Scope of Exhibits: All kinds of electronic cigarettes, e-cigarette equipment, and accessories.

Exhibition Introduction: A feast of e-cigarette wonders, this exhibition brings the latest e-cigarette technology and design.

Organizer: Vape Spain Exhibitions

Recommended star rating: four stars

Russia Water Cigarette and Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

Country: Russia

Time: June 17~18, 2023

Venue: Moscow

Scope of Exhibits: Featuring hookahs, a range of e-cigarettes, and many e-cigarette innovations.

Exhibition Description: This exhibition delves into the field of e-cigarettes and aims to showcase novel products and promote the exchange of ideas and trends.

Organizer: Rus Vape Events

Recommended star rating: five stars

Germany International Tobacco Fair

Country: Germany

Time: September 14~16, 2023

Venue: Dortmund

Scope of Exhibits: All kinds of tobacco products, which focus on electronic cigarettes and related technologies.

Exhibition Introduction: A comprehensive tobacco expo with a new perspective on e-cigarettes, advocating a broader understanding of e-cigarettes among modern people.

Organizer: Organized by German Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes

Recommended star rating: five stars

Birmingham Electronic Cigarette Exhibition (Fall)

Country: UK

Time: October 27~29, 2023

Venue: Birmingham

Scope of Exhibits: The latest e-cigarettes, e-cigarette accessories, and industry innovations.

Exhibition Introduction: The most influential e-cigarette exhibition in the UK, held in spring and fall

Organizer: British Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

Recommended star rating: five stars

E-cigarette exhibition in Asia

Armenia (West Asia) Electronic Cigarette Expo

Country: Armenia

Time: July 1~2, 2023

Venue: Yerevan

Scope of Exhibits: E-cigarettes, e-cigarette accessories, and e-cigarette technology advancement.

Exhibition Profile: As a hub in West Asia, the expo attracts exhibitors and enthusiasts to explore the evolving prospects of e-cigarettes.

Organizer: Armenian Electronic Cigarette Association

Recommended star rating: four stars

Korea Electronic Cigarette Expo

Country: South Korea

Time: July 21~23, 2023

Venue: Gyeonggi, Seoul

Scope of Exhibits: A range of e-cigarettes, e-cigarette technology, and accessories.

Exhibition Profile: The largest e-cigarette exhibition in Korea.

Organizer: Korea Electronic Cigarette Industry Network

Recommended star rating: four stars

Malaysia International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

Country: Malaysia

Time: August 12~13, 2023

Venue: Selangor

Scope of Exhibits: The latest e-cigarette equipment, vape oils, accessories, and technological innovations.

Exhibition Introduction: A perfect blend of the vibrant e-cigarette culture of the East and international trends, focusing on innovative and diverse e-cigarette experiences.

Organizer: Vape Malaysia Global

Recommended star rating: five stars

Indonesia International Tobacco Exhibition

Country: Indonesia

Time: September 21~22, 2023

Venue: Surabaya

Scope of Exhibition: Showcasing a wide range of tobacco products with a special focus on e-cigarettes and e-cigarette technology.

Exhibition Description: A fusion of tradition and innovation, exploring the richness of tobacco products and modern e-cigarette solutions.

Organizer: Tobacco Event Indonesia

Recommended star rating: five stars

Indonesia Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

Country: Indonesia

Time: November 11~12, 2023

Venue: Jakarta

Scope of Exhibits: dedicated to the display of electronic cigarettes, accessories, and related technologies.

Exhibition Profile: A professional event focusing only on the emerging e-cigarette market and its technological frontiers.

Organizer: Saga Creation

Recommended star rating: four stars

Dubai World Tobacco Show

Country: UAE

Time: November 27~28, 2023

Venue: Dubai

Scope of Exhibition: Global tobacco products, including a magnificent section dedicated to e-cigarettes and e-cigarette luxury.

Exhibition Description: A luxurious exploration of the world of tobacco with a focus on luxury and innovation in the e-cigarette sector.

Organizer: Global Tobacco & Vape Luxe

Recommended star rating: 5 stars

Electronic Cigarette Expo in the Americas

USA CBD & E-Cigarette Expo

Country: USA

Time: July 13 ~ 15, 2023

Location: Dallas

Scope of Exhibits: Fusion of CBD products and e-cigarette technology.

Exhibition Introduction: The world’s largest CBD exhibition.

Organizer: Global CBD Vape

Recommended star rating: four stars

ASD International Consumer Goods Show

Country: U.S.

Time: August 20~23, 2023

Venue: Las Vegas, USA

Scope of Exhibits: A wide range of consumer products, including specialized sections for e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories.

Show Description: A comprehensive consumer products show with extensive panels dedicated to exploring, showcasing, and understanding evolving e-cigarette technologies and trends.

Organizer: ASD

Recommended star rating: 4 stars

USA CBD & E-Cigarette Show

Country: USA

Time September 14~16, 2023

Venue: Las Vegas

Scope of Exhibits: Emphasizing the intersection of CBD products and e-cigarette innovation.

Exhibition Description: A specialized showcase designed to reveal the synergy between the CBD wellness sector and the vibrant world of e-cigarettes.

Organizer: CBD and Vape Association of America

Recommended star rating: 4 stars

E-Cigarette Shows in Africa

South Africa International E-Cigarette Exhibition

Country: South Africa

Time: August 25~27, 2023

Location: Pretoria

Scope of Exhibits: Electronic cigarettes, accessories, and a wide range of flavors and e-cigarette technology.

Exhibition Description: Designed to celebrate and analyze the rapid evolution of e-cigarette trends on the African continent and promote global connectivity.

Organizer: Vapecon Exhibitions

Recommended star rating: 5 stars

Oceania Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

Oceania New Zealand Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

Country: New Zealand

Time: November 18~19, 2023

Location: Auckland

Scope of Exhibits: A comprehensive range of e-cigarette devices, e-cigarette technology, and industry trends.

Exhibition Description: An oceanic perspective on the e-cigarette phenomenon, offering a diverse range of products and insights.

Organizer: Oceania E-Cigarette Community

Recommended star rating: three stars


Every year, there are many e-cigarette trade shows held around the world. Attending these specific e-cigarette trade shows can be helpful. They allow you to meet new people in the industry and learn about the latest trends and information. It’s also important to be selective and consider the potential benefits each show can bring to your business to make the most of your participation.

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